VMA Certified – What This Means To You

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Campanella PVC Vinyl Fences and Railings Are VMA Certified! Campanella Fence PVC Vinyl Fences and Railings are VMA Certified. This means you can have the confidence that your receiving the highest quality vinyl products in the market that are consistent in quality, color, strength and longevity.   The Vinyl Manufacturers Association Certified Seal offers


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 Everyone's talking about the annoying Political Posts & we're over here like "LOOK AT OUR FENCE POSTS!" We figured you could use a break from the political posts & concentrate on something more productive -- like your next home improvement project!  Our design team is ready to assist you in all your needs &

Comparing Fence Materials

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Thinking of installing a new fence but not sure what material to use? There is a wide variety of materials to choose from such as vinyl, aluminum, chain, and wood fence.   When comparing fence materials, you must take into consideration your budget, functionality, durability, style preferences, and how much maintenance it will require. The

Choosing A Color For Your Fence

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Choosing A Color For Your Fence In addition to the more practical purposes served by owning a fence, there’s a fair share of aesthetic value as well. That said, your fence, if it was installed by a professional fence contractor, has probably made it through the coldest of winters, rainiest of thunderstorms, and sunniest

Fence Etiquette

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Fence Etiquette to Prevent Neighbor Disputes While installing a new fence can be an exciting endeavor, you must keep in mind fencing laws and practice fencing etiquette to avoid having problems with neighbors or the HOA. The following is a list of things you should keep in mind before installing a new fence. Do

Repairing and Replacing Wood Fences

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Wood Fence Repair Or Replacement?  While wood fences enhance the appearance of your yard by providing a natural, rustic look and provide privacy and security as well, they need regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. If your wooden fence is rotting or falling down, is it time to repair or replace it? Even

Essentials Of Pre-Fence Planning

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Months have passed, maybe even years. You know exactly what’s missing but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Your house needs a fence. You know it. Your spouse knows it. It’s time, and there are no more ifs, ands, or buts about it. So now that you’re finally ready to get the

How To Keep The Deer Away

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Remember the first time you laid eyes on a wild deer in the yard? You know, back when they were so majestic and free and you just wanted to run out and feed them and hug them? Yeah, those days have long since past. Now you’re a bit older. A bit wiser. And lot