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Dobbs Ferry New York Fence Company

For All Your Fencing Needs, Visit Campanella Fence in the Dobbs Ferry Area

When you need a fence for your own space or your client's space, we are the fence company in Dobbs Ferry that can help!

Fences come in all shapes and sizes and fence companies do, too. That's why it's important to work with a company who has a great reputation and one that not only provides great products, but also communicates well. Campanella Fence is proud to say we are one of the most respected fence companies in New York, and have been since 1987.

Our team of fence professionals are experienced in designing as well as installing fences all across the Dobbs Ferry region and are trained to work with whatever type of fence you're looking for. Whether you want to build it yourself or hire us to install, our fences are built to last and come with great warranties. Talk with one of our Dobbs Ferry NY professionals today to get you on your way to your next great fence.

Fencing Help From The Pros

Dobbs Ferry NY property owners can benefit from the knowledge we've gained over the years working as fencing professionals and learning the tricks of the trade. We love to help! Reach out today, and you'll be glad you did!

Building Residential and Commercial Fence Solutions

Whether you need a home or business fence in Dobbs Ferry, you have a variety of choices. See why Dobbs Ferry loves our fences!

Dobbs Ferry New York residential fencing company

Dobbs Ferry New York Benefits of Residential Fences

Beauty and Security

Our residential fences in Dobbs Ferry enhance a property's appearance and provide top-notch protection. Aluminum fences, wood fences, and vinyl fences are often installed for curb appeal and aesthetics while also providing different levels of security.

Safety for Kids and Pets

A strong fence is a great way to keep your pets and children safe in your yard. Many people choose from secure designs in wood, chain link, vinyl, and aluminum for this purpose.

Personal Privacy

When you live in a development or close to neighbors in town, it can be difficult to keep the level of privacy you want. A solid, tall fence is a perfect solution!

Pool Safety

Most states and municipalities require pool fencing for safety. The most effective pool fences have safety latches, panels that are hard to climb, and are high enough to keep small children out.

Dobbs Ferry Residential Fencing
Dobbs Ferry New York commercial fencing company

Dobbs Ferry New York Benefits of Commercial Fences

Upgraded Security

Any property in need of security needs a strong fence. Businesses that wish to control access might opt to add barbed wire and security cameras to a chain link fence.

Liability Management

If you have a business with restricted areas or hazardous machinery, a fence bordering the area will help keep unauthorized people out and can prevent accidents.

Business Appearance

Appearance matters in business. Well-kept workplaces and spaces can be an attraction for new clients. A strong, sophisticated fence can boost your company's image and demonstrate that you care about professionalism.

Privacy for Clients and Employees

If you are a medical, law, or other business of a sensitive nature, protecting the privacy of your clients can be very important. Adding a commercial fence can also provide your employees with a higher level of privacy for their belongings and vehicles.

Dobbs Ferry Commercial Fencing

Common Types of Fencing for
Dobbs Ferry New York

Our customers can choose from four main types of fencing for their Dobbs Ferry New York, property. There are a lot of different styles in each of the four types, so you can find one that fits your needs, whether you want a fence for privacy, your pool, decoration, or any other reason. Our team is prepared to help you with your project!

Dobbs Ferry NY Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences

If you choose an aluminum fence for your Dobbs Ferry home or business, your space will look elegant and it will ensure safety. Our high-quality aluminum fences come with great warranties and will give you peace of mind for years without the need for maintenance.

Dobbs Ferry NY Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are the most economical type of fence for people who own property in the Dobbs Ferry NY, area. This type of fence, which can be used both at home and at a business, is one of the few that can offer security at a lower overall cost.

Dobbs Ferry NY Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is the favorite of many people who own property in Dobbs Ferry. It comes in a variety of styles that can be completely private or have open pickets. Because it is strong and flexible, it is also a good choice for the weather in Dobbs Ferry. Choose vinyl fencing that is put up by our experts for protection and beauty that can last a lifetime.

Dobbs Ferry NY Wood Fences

Wood Fences

We love the way wood fencing looks and feels on properties all over Dobbs Ferry. Even though prices can change, wood is often one of the least expensive up-front options. However, it needs care and maintenance more often than other materials. Wood fencing can't be beaten when it comes to the many different styles that can be achieved.

Get Your Questions Answered

When questions come up in the fence shopping and decision making process, we understand what you need. Reach out to our team at Campanella Fence today. No question is too big or small!

Options for Fence Installation in Dobbs Ferry

Whether you're a DIYer or prefer to hire the pros, we have great installation options for any situation in the New YorkDobbs Ferry New York area. Choose the option that works best for you!

Dobbs Ferry New York DIY Fence Installation

Dobbs Ferry's Best Professional Fence Installation

We can handle the whole thing! If you would like our team of fencing experts to install a fence at your Dobbs Ferry property, no problem! We have installed both residential fences and commercial fences in Dobbs Ferry.

DIY Fence Installation in Dobbs Ferry

We love to help DIYers, too! Our team of fence experts can walk you through the process of choosing the fence you want and putting together all of the materials you need to complete a fence installation at your own home or business. Reach out for more details and all the info you need to build your perfect fence.

Dobbs Ferry New York privacy fencing

Types of Privacy Fences
in Dobbs Ferry NY

Your privacy is important and Campanella Fence can help you create your perfect secluded space with a high-quality wood or vinyl fence.

Dobbs Ferry New YorkWood Privacy Fences

Many of our customers in Dobbs Ferry love the classic, natural look of wood fences. There are many styles and different ways to build a wood fence that will give you privacy. Start enjoying a private space in your own backyard right away by selecting a wood privacy fence.

Dobbs Ferry Wood Privacy Fencing

Dobbs Ferry New YorkVinyl Privacy Fences

Choose vinyl privacy fencing for your home if you want a durable, low-maintenance option. Vinyl won't warp, rot, or fade. It's also made of a strong, long-lasting material that will last for many years. Vinyl fencing is even a great way to make the area around your pool more private!

Dobbs Ferry Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Need a Fence Quote?

Understanding what goes into having a new fence installed can be an important bit of information as you decide what to choose for your Dobbs Ferry property. Let us help you get the answers you need with a free, no hassle quote today!

3 Simple Steps for Fence Buying in Dobbs Ferry

We love to keep the fence buying process easy! That's why we work hard to coordinate with property owners across Dobbs Ferry and beyond to help in the selection and scheduling process every step of the way. Let's get started on your new fence together!

Buying a Dobbs Ferry fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Fences

Browse the variety of high quality, residential and commercial fences available for Dobbs Ferry New York. Decide if you need a fence for protection, privacy, or aesthetics and narrow down your options to the best fence to fit your budget and needs.

Buying a Dobbs Ferry fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

With the help of our team at Campanella Fence, selecting a fence for your Dobbs Ferry property has never been easier! Choose your fence material, grade level and all of the stylish features and options by customizing your fence with our expert staff. Speak to our staff by calling or contacting us online or come visit our showroom during office hours. We love to help whether it's with the fence design or any step along the way to get you your perfect fence.

Buying a Dobbs Ferry fence - Step 3

DIY or Professional Installation

You also have options in the type of installation you want in Dobbs Ferry. We have an expert team of installers in the Dobbs Ferry area who are available to schedule an installation for you. If you prefer to complete the installation yourself, we have the materials and supportive instruction you need, too! Whatever you want most and choose, Campanella Fence is here to help you!

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We treat each and every customer with the highest standards in the business. Quality control and customer satisfaction are the most important goals of our company. All of our Team Members go through continuing extensive training in order to stay on the cutting edge of installation techniques and provide the highest value possible to their customers.

We proudly stand behind our work and all of our fence installations are backed by a workmanship warranty on every job we do. Our vinyl, chain link, and aluminum fencing have manufacturer warranties as well.

Yes! You can reach out to our office via phone or contact us online to talk with a helpful fence specialist about getting a free, personalized estimate.

All of the fences that we offer and install are constructed using only the finest materials and will stand up to our New York weather. Each of our fences is well-suited to the Dobbs Ferry NY climate.

Depending on where you live in New York, the rules for obtaining a permit might vary greatly. No matter what, the team at Campanella Fence is happy to help you before beginning your fence installation job and make certain that all of the necessary processes are in place.

We carry many different styles of fencing in materials of wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link. Explore our website pages to discover more details and then call or email our team to find out more about all of the options we have for you.

Believe it or not, there may be things about your property that make one type of fence a better choice than others. To offer you the best recommendations, one of our fence specialists can visit your property and do a thorough evaluation. Give us a call today to get started!

Examples of Dobbs Ferry New York Fences

Here are a few examples of fences in Dobbs Ferry New York.

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